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At Grow Money Capital, we view our investors, preferred shareholders, and counterparties as critical stakeholders in the firm and believe in forging long lasting and transparent relationships with each one of them. We are committed to maintaining effective communication, sharing information and adopting best practices which further improve our relationships with each of our important associates. We have long recognized the role Investor Relations plays in the success of the company.

This section provides shareholders, analysts with relevant information, enabling a transparent assessment of the company's values. Stay up to date on the events and presentations that provide insight on our strategy and how it is being translated into financials results. You can access shareholder information, quarterly financials results, annual report and other resources to know more about the Grow Money capital Pvt. Ltd.

Financials Highlights:

Financials Information (Rs. In Crore)

Particular 2018-19
Revenue 5.74 20.55 29.19 40.38
Finance cost 1.73 6.47 11.90 14.15
Opex 0.90 1.70 1.76 2.59
PBT 2.82 7.41/td> 7.61 18.23
PAT 2.02 5.55 5.55 13.61
Net Worth 29.83 71.1 93.46 142.07
AUM 82.08 177.11 221.62 321.36

Provisional FY- 2021-2022

Figures in "Crore"


142.07 CR


321.36 CR


18.23 CR

Revenue from Operations

40.38 CR


392 CR+
From April-21 to Mar-22

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Our Coustomer Say Something About Us

We are excited to partner with Eclear in this landmark transaction. It is good to see heightened interest from retail investors in both our company and the Fintech sector. Funds raised through this issuance will help us scale our business profitably at an accelerated pace.

Mr. Prateek Singhal
Associate Director - Capital Markets

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