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Distinguished by our innovative strategies and meticulously executed transactions, we have cultivated a wealth of experience serving a diverse clientele across geographical boundaries. Our collaborative efforts with numerous NBFCs and Banks reflect the trust and confidence they place in us. Committed to the highest standards of confidentiality and transparency, our well-established processes ensure the utmost integrity in all client interactions.

Our dynamic team of professionals, each bringing a wealth of talents, knowledge, and experience, has significantly contributed to the robust growth of our business. With an impressive Asset Under Management (AUM) exceeding 553 crores, we anticipate a substantial 50-75% growth in fiscal 2023. Notably, our fiscal 2022 performance earned us a BBB- rating from the esteemed INFOMERICS rating agency.

In alignment with our commitment to excellence, we offer the following key features:


Expert Financial Advisory

Our seasoned financial experts stand ready to address your queries, leveraging years of experience in the finance industry.


Transparent Fee Structure

Upholding the principles of long-term partnerships, we refrain from imposing hidden charges, ensuring a fair and transparent financial relationship with our clients.


Celebrating Your Success

At Grow Money Capital, your success narrative is integral to ours. We take pride in crafting success stories for those seeking financial triumph through our loan offerings.


Reliable Partnership

From the initial loan request to the final delivery, we position ourselves as your unwavering partner in achieving financial milestones. Our commitment is underscored by a passion for delivering excellence at every stage of the process.

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